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Ιστορίες τοκετού: Nantia – Giorgos – Νοέμβριος 2020


Ιστορίες τοκετού: Nantia – Giorgos – Νοέμβριος 2020

Nantia’s Homebirth story – November 2020

3rd of November, Thessaloniki, Greece

3rd of November… I open my eyes, caress my big belly, wishing good morning to the small heart inside. I’m calm, I know that at least one week more I have before the most important meeting in my life will happen. Today we have some stuff to do in a city center, later I find myself and my Giorgos drinking tea and eating doughnuts at the seaside…I feel my baby, I feel love inside, I’m happy. Return home-our cosy place, elder sonny Simeon is waiting there, having classes… how big he is, he grew up so fast, just a few moments ago he was also moving inside my belly…Evening comes, I go to the toilet and find a bit of mucus, that’s good. I send photo to Irene, mucus can go out even several days before birth, I’m calm, I don’t feel any contractions. At 8 I’m eating dinner with my boys – two outside and one inside, belly is tensed like a brick, I know that it can be training contractions. More mucus after a while and seems that I start to fell some tension down to my belly, I’m waiting. Time passes and waves of not intensive contractions come, I understand that most probably we started the labour. Irene Is writing, asking how often I have the contraction, we decide to wait. I help my husband to put some things in order and we make sleepy our son.

I’m lying in bed with Giorgos, he is holding my hand, contractions become more intensive and after a while we decide to ask Lina to come. She comes and check me, cervix opened for 4 centimeters, soon our family will meet the new member. Everybody slept, I cannot sleep though I understand that I need the power for future, I’m too excited and contractions are coming with more intensive frequency and power. They are intensive and I’m trying not to shrink myself but to be opened to the pain in order to help my baby to go down without difficulty. Around 4 o clock Irene comes with Katerina (she is our photographer) that time Lina checks the heart of my boy-everything OK. Everybody prepare the place for birth-pool with hot water, towels, candles, etc. I’m happy-this is our time with baby and good, beloved people are helping us. I stand to my knees and elbows, I’m breathing trying not to close the way to the baby, I imagine my cervix as a flower which opens with every minute more and more.


After a while girls are coming to take me to the pool, hot water is so nice and reliefs the part of pain. Somebody is putting water to my waste, Giorgos and Simeon are sitting nearby, helping me, caressing and telling words of support. I’m very confident, I know that we all are a great team: me, baby, our family and our midwifes. But what is pushing down so much…I feel such a powerful contraction and I’m a bit lost-asking girls if I should push: the answer was-do as you feel, it’s your body and only you know how it’s better to do. I start to push with next contraction, head is going more down but doesn’t go out yet, with a second contraction I feel the fire ring, I understand that I gave a birth to the head of my sonny. Hanging on Giorgos, doing the third effort to give a birth to the body and succeed. 6:40, 4th of November 2020. I have done it! We have done it-me and my smart baby boy. We are excellent team. I get my soldier on hands, he is pinky, not shouting, but opened his pretty eyes and looking around with a great interest. He came to this world, I helped him, I brought him here and I already adore him with all my heart, we glued one to the other but as for now he is on top of my belly, we enjoy our golden time. We are sitting in a warm bath happy with a miracle of a moment. After a few hours I go to the bed to give a birth to the placenta and cut the umbilical cord. My fairy midwives are doing check up-everything OK, I don’t have injuries, bleeding is normal. I’m having my son on hands, my elder, my Simeon is nearby hugging me and his newborn brother, Giorgos is helping the ladies to collect all the things after our magic ritual of birth.

If you ask me what is happiness I would answer to you: happiness is having your children healthy and your family nearby. Happiness is to know that you are a great Ma and you are endowed with a superpower – to bring new souls to this planet. Be strong, be confident, be the light.

With a great respect to our wonderful midwives Lina and Irene.


photos by Katerina Photography Newborn – Maternity – Baby